AI Assistant Inventory

Updated list of AI assistant / resource.

  • ChatGPT: Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot leveraging GPT to provide human-like responses. It can answer questions, implement ideas, and assist in writing.
  • Google Bard: Google’s conversational AI draws on LaMDA to generate creative responses resembling human speech. It can write prose, poetry, jokes and more.
  • Microsoft Bing AI: Microsoft’s AI-powered search engine Bing incorporates technologies to deliver personalized, efficient search experiences.
  • Perplexity AI: Perplexity leverages GPT-3.5 as an AI chatbot and search engine, providing in-depth answers and relevant citations.
  • Replika: Developed to be an empathetic AI friend, Replika offers supportive conversations without judgment.
  • Jasper AI: Jasper is an AI writing assistant that helps generate engaging content like articles and stories.
  • Inflection Pi: Inflection Pi is a personal AI assistant for reminders, email, and emotional support.
  • YouChat: YouChat is an AI search assistant providing step-by-step explanations beyond traditional search.
  • PepperType: PepperType uses AI to automate and streamline content ideation and creation.
  • LaMDA: Google’s conversational model engaging in free-flowing, context-aware discussions on any topic.
  • Tabnine: Tabnine is an AI code assistant that provides intelligent, real-time code suggestions to developers.
  • ChatSonic: ChatSonic is an AI platform generating text, code, and images to assist creators.
  • Character AI: This chatbot service creates remarkably human-like conversational text.
  • IBM Watson: IBM’s conversational AI delivers consistent, personalized customer service interactions.
  • Hugging Face: A renowned AI platform for sharing machine learning models and datasets.
  • Otter: Otter is an AI meeting assistant, offering live transcripts, automated notes, and summaries.
  • Fireflies: Fireflies uses NLP to eliminate note-taking in meetings, providing searchable transcriptions.
  • Murf: Murf generates customizable text-to-speech for voice-overs and dictations.
  • Claude: Claude is an empathetic AI assistant created by Anthropic to serve users helpfully, harmlessly, and honestly.