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Chatting with Hyperrealistic Avatars on Meta’s Platforms

Entering the Era of AI Celebrities

The advent of AI is transforming various facets of technology, and social media is no exception. Meta has now jumped into the AI bandwagon by unveiling hyperrealistic avatars of popular celebrities, offering users a novel way to interact with their favorite stars. This development both enthralls and raises apprehension about the future of social media experiences.

by The Times and The Sunday Times

Bringing Celebrities to Life with AI

Meta has created AI-powered avatars for 28 celebrities, including famous figures like Paris Hilton, MrBeast, and Kendall Jenner. Each avatar has a unique personality and interests while bearing a strong resemblance to the actual celebrity, portrayed realistically using AI technology. For example, Kendall Jenner’s avatar goes by Billie and has a no-nonsense attitude, while MrBeast’s AI version named Zach has a humorous personality.

These AI avatars have been meticulously crafted by Meta in collaboration with the celebrities, who were compensated for their time and likeness used in building their virtual personas. The entire process remains vague, with few details available publicly due to restrictions on accessing further information. However, this partnership signals the coalescing of AI with celebrity branding and marketing in social media’s evolution.

Chatting with Hyperrealistic AI Celebrities

Users on Meta’s platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp can now engage in conversations with these AI-powered celebrity avatars through text chats. The experience allows users to interact with realistic versions of their favorite celebrities in a personalized, intimate way. However, the limited knowledge of the AI avatars restricts the conversations initially, with Meta aiming to improve relevance through updates.

The Promises and Perils of AI Avatars

The launch of such novel AI avatars opens new possibilities for social media experiences, providing a glimpse into the future of virtual interactions. But it also raises pressing ethical questions about replication of celebrity likeness and the potential for misinformation through increasingly realistic AI personas. As the technology matures, setting up safeguards to maintain transparency will be crucial.

AI and the Road Ahead

Meta’s celebrity AI avatar experiment signals a major milestone in leveraging artificial intelligence to transform social media engagement. With the beta version limited to the US currently, wider rollout is imminent as Meta expands its AI celebrity roster. It remains to be seen how this technology evolves in the near future. But one thing is clear – the integration of AI and social media is entering a new era that will fundamentally reshape virtual experiences.

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Microsoft Copilot AI Assistant Elevate Office Suite

Earlier this month, Microsoft held a special event to unveil some exciting new products and technologies. The star of the show was Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI-powered digital assistant. Copilot aims to revolutionize personal computing by helping users be more productive, creative, and connected.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off the event by reflecting on the rapid advances in AI over the past year, especially since the launch of chatbot ChatGPT. He explained that Copilot represents a major breakthrough in natural language processing that will usher in a new era of computing.

So what exactly is Copilot? It’s envisioned as an AI companion that will be deeply integrated across Microsoft’s products and services. Whether you’re using Windows, Microsoft 365, Edge, Bing, or Surface devices, Copilot will be there in the background, ready to help.

According to Nadella, Copilot has two key capabilities that set it apart. First, it can understand natural language and interpret human intent better than any previous AI system. Second, it excels at finding patterns and making sense of all types of digitized information. Together, these strengths enable Copilot to be a versatile personal assistant rather than just a single-purpose chatbot.

Microsoft demonstrated how Copilot will work across its product portfolio. In Windows 11, Copilot will provide handy suggestions to boost productivity, such as enhancing the traditional copy and paste commands. It will also enable new capabilities like Ink Anywhere, which allows a pen to write in any text field across the operating system.

For Microsoft 365 users, Copilot aims to save time and simplify work. It can summarize emails, suggest calendar items, create documents, and more based on your existing work artefacts and priorities. Microsoft showed how Copilot can even mimic a user’s own tone and writing style.

The new AI assistant will also power enhancements across Bing, Edge, and other services. For example, it can provide personalized search results based on your previous activity and interests. And it will enable shoppers to have a conversational experience to get product recommendations.

New Surface Laptops

In addition to Copilot, Microsoft unveiled the latest iterations of its popular Surface laptops. They highlighted how the new Surface devices are optimized to take advantage of AI and bring Copilot to life.

The Surface Laptop Go 3 is the most portable and lightweight Surface yet, starting at just 2.48 pounds. It boasts up to 70% faster performance than its predecessor and an impressive 15-hour battery life. The Laptop Go showcased how AI-powered features like Clipchamp make creating videos easier than ever.

Meanwhile, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 represents a beast in terms of power. Microsoft claims it offers twice the graphics performance of a similarly configured MacBook Pro. This power translates to buttery-smooth gaming and the ability to manipulate huge AI models with ease.

The Laptop Studio 2 sports an array of premium hardware such as Intel’s 13th Gen Core i7 processor, Nvidia RTX graphics, and a neural processing unit for AI tasks. Its versatile hinge design provides three different usage modes. And its high-resolution 14.4″ touch display with Dolby Atmos audio provides an immersive content viewing experience.

Significantly, Microsoft also highlighted the Surface Laptop Studio 2’s groundbreaking haptic touchpad. Its adaptive capabilities allow people with disabilities to use the touchpad in ways previously impossible. This shows Microsoft’s commitment to inclusive design.

Available Starting October 25

Both the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio 2 can be pre-ordered now and will be broadly available starting October 25. With their combination of portability, power, and clever design, they are compelling options for professionals, creators, and students.

But more importantly, the new Surfaces showcase how Microsoft is putting AI at the core of its vision. By infusing products with Copilot’s intelligence, it aims to revolutionize how people interact with PCs and transform productivity and creativity. As Nadella summarized, Microsoft believes this latest wave of innovation with AI can help every person and organization achieve more.

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Adobe Unveils Next-Gen Firefly Models

Transforming Creative Landscapes

Adobe Systems Incorporated, a name synonymous with digital creativity and innovation, revealed its next generation of Firefly Models at Adobe MAX – the world’s premier creativity conference. From enhanced imaging capabilities to pioneering advancements in vector graphics, Adobe continues to raise the bar in generative artificial intelligence.

by Adobe Creative Cloud

A New Era for Firefly

This revolutionary announcement features three new advancements:

  1. Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model: This next-generation AI for imaging promises unparalleled creative control and image quality, ensuring safer commercial utilization.
  2. Adobe Firefly Vector Model: Marking its place as the world’s debut generative AI model for vector graphics, this is set to revolutionize Adobe Illustrator by integrating ‘Text to Vector Graphic’.
  3. Adobe Firefly Design Model: Instantaneously generating impressive template designs, this model bolsters ‘Text to Template’ in Adobe Express.

Ely Greenfield, CTO of Digital Media at Adobe, lauded the pace of Firefly innovation, emphasizing how these models are setting new industry standards. He stated, “Firefly offers the world’s prime visual capabilities, designed to be commercially safe, enabling transformative new creative workflows across Adobe apps.”

Diving into Firefly Image 2

Since its beta debut in March, over 3 billion images have been generated with the Firefly Image Model, emphasizing its rising popularity and trust. The Firefly Image 2 offers:

  • Advanced Text to Image capabilities, including Generative Match, allowing content creation in user-defined styles.
  • Improved human rendering with enhancements in skin, hair, and body structures.
  • Enhanced text prompt understanding, featuring suggestions, auto-completions, and a module allowing exclusions in image generations.
  • Seamless sharing and saving directly from Firefly, promoting cross-app workflows.

Unveiling Firefly Vector

An industry first, the Firefly Vector Model combines Adobe’s prowess in vector graphics with generative AI. It offers:

  • Generative Match, ensuring vectors match a user’s chosen style.
  • Generation of editable vector gradients.
  • Organized output, with logically grouped and layered elements.
  • Perfectly tile-able vector patterns.
  • Precise geometry with smooth curves.

Introducing Firefly Design

The Firefly Design Model aims to streamline template creation in Adobe Express, offering:

  • Fully editable templates tailored for diverse platforms.
  • Automated designs using AI, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Comprehensive content generation with easy adjustments to text and images.
  • Instant design synthesis, harmonizing user prompts.

Top global brands like Mattel and NASCAR are already harnessing the power of Firefly. Chris Down, Chief Design Officer at Mattel, shared how Firefly enhances their design process. He commented, “Adobe Firefly has enhanced our workflows with trusted capabilities, driving inspiration and productivity from ideation to execution.”

Adobe’s collaboration with NVIDIA, offering Firefly as APIs in NVIDIA Omniverse, hints at future integrations and advancements, promising even more streamlined creative processes.

About Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX, held from October 10-12 in Los Angeles, is a haven for creators of all kinds. The event features luminaries such as Adam Devine, Oak Felder, Karen X Cheng, and more, who share their unique creative journeys. Notably, Adobe MAX also showcases how Firefly integrates with Adobe’s suite of tools, truly representing a marriage of creativity and technology.

As the world of design and creativity continues to evolve, Adobe’s innovations promise a future where the boundaries between human imagination and technological possibilities blur, offering tools that empower artists to bring visions to life like never before.

Introducing InVideo AI

The Future of YouTube Content Creation

The world of content creation is evolving faster than we can imagine, and technology is playing a significant role. Today, the era of manually recording and editing videos might be taking a backseat, thanks to the latest innovations. Enter InVideo AI, a game-changer for YouTubers.

What is InVideo AI?

As the name suggests, it’s an AI tool from the creators of InVideo. The magic lies in its ability to transform a simple text prompt into an engaging video. This isn’t the InVideo you’re familiar with; this is a whole new beast. And, guess what? The introductory offer allows you to use it for free.

by InVideo For Content Creators

How does it work?

Step 1: Smart Prompts

Your journey with InVideo AI begins with smart prompts. These prompts are your way of instructing the AI on the kind of video you envision. Whether you aim to create a video on recent events or a specific topic, the smart prompt is your starting point. The more precise your prompt, the better the AI understands your requirements, translating to a more refined output.

Step 2: Small Adjustments, Big Impact

Once your smart prompt is in, it’s time for some fine-tuning. You can select the voice, audience, and the intended final platform for your video. These small adjustments are instrumental in ensuring that the video resonates well with your target audience.

Step 3: Your Personal Touch

InVideo AI provides a robust foundation, but the final finesse comes with your personal touch. You can replace placeholder clips with your own or even delve into the extensive stock library InVideo AI offers. It’s all about blending the AI’s capability with your creativity to produce a masterpiece.

Step 4: Embrace The YouTube Automation Movement

The era of YouTube automation is upon us, and tools like InVideo AI are the catalysts. By leveraging this tool, creators can dive into the realm of faceless channels, producing engaging content while earning passive income. It’s a win-win situation, where quality content creation becomes accessible, and earning through YouTube becomes a tangible reality.

by InVideo For Content Creators

You select the type, specify the duration, and set your preferences. The AI takes your input and crafts it into a video.

The Niches to Explore:

  1. Animal Niche: From creating videos about the most beautiful animals to top venomous ones, the possibilities are endless. Channels like “Animal Fact Files” have already gained traction in this niche.
  2. AI Niche: With AI becoming an integral part of our lives, videos explaining AI concepts, its impact, or even speculations about its future can garner significant views. Channels like “Level 7” are exploring this space.
  3. News Niche: Create timely updates or roundups on recent events, tech news, or AI breakthroughs. Channels like “The AI Grid” are making waves here.

Monetization and Growth:

Most of the channels employing InVideo AI tools, whether big or small, are monetized. It’s all about finding your unique angle in the niche and consistently delivering quality content.


InVideo AI is undeniably setting a new paradigm in content creation. It not only simplifies the process but also offers a fresh perspective on content delivery. As with any tool, its efficacy lies in how we use it. Embrace the change, explore the niches, and who knows? Your channel might be the next big thing on YouTube.

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10 Ways Canva is Revolutionizing Design with AI

Canva has shaken up the design world by launching Magic Studio, an all-in-one AI design platform. This powerful tool allows anyone to easily create stunning designs, presentations, videos, and more using artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 ways Canva is leveraging AI to revolutionize graphic design.

  1. AI-Generated Designs

Gone are the days of sifting through boring templates. With Magic Design, you simply describe the type of design you want in natural language prompts. Canva’s AI will instantly generate multiple options in your desired style. This saves huge amounts of time compared to starting from scratch.

  1. AI Presentation Builder

Creating killer presentations is a breeze with Canva’s AI. Just type a prompt explaining your presentation topic and Canva will automatically build you an outline with professional slides. The AI even suggests design options to choose from.

  1. AI-Enhanced Video Creation

Uploading a few photos and videos is all it takes for Canva’s AI to produce an impressive video. The AI analyzes your media and automatically adds text, transitions, effects and music suited to your content. Getting professional video results is super simple.

  1. Text-to-Image Generation

Canva allows you to turn any text prompt into a visual image. Want an abstract tech background? An illustrated logo? Just describe it in words and Canva’s advanced AI generates stunning images for you.

  1. Background Removal

Removing distracting backgrounds from photos is a breeze with Canva’s AI-powered background remover. It instantly deletes backgrounds with just one click. You can then easily replace it with any image from Canva’s massive stock library.

  1. Object Removal

Unwanted objects in your photos are gone in seconds thanks to Canva’s Magic Eraser tool. Just circle any objects you want removed and the AI seamlessly erases them from the image. Fixing photos has never been simpler.

  1. Expanding Images with AI

Got an amazing photo but need a wider size? Canva’s AI expand feature enlarges your images while preserving quality. Just pick an expanded size and the AI intelligently scales your image wider or taller.

  1. Magic Editing Tool

Canva’s Magic Edit gives you the power to alter reality. Select any object in a photo and describe how you want to change it. The AI will generate options with your desired edits made, like changing flowers from red to blue.

  1. Detaching Foreground Objects

Canva’s Magic Grab lets you detach objects from their backgrounds. This makes moving or resizing objects within an image incredibly easy. The AI even fills in the background after detaching foreground items.

  1. Extracting Text from Images

Finally, Canva’s text extraction tool grabs any text from images, allowing you to edit or delete it with ease. This solves the problem of text getting “baked” into images.

In summary, Canva is pioneering the use of AI in graphic design. Powerful features like Magic Design, Magic Eraser and text-to-image generation put advanced creative capabilities into anyone’s hands. Canva is streamlining design while enabling truly original and personalized visuals. The future of creativity and graphic design is undoubtedly AI-powered.

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Harness the Power of AI: The Revolution in Video Creation and Editing

In recent times, the digital realm has seen a tidal wave of short-form videos sweeping across platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. Their popularity surges daily, but the creation process, laden with scriptwriting, voiceovers, and editing, can be daunting for many. However, the dawn of AI-powered tools has significantly simplified this process. These tools not only edit your videos but can also conjure them from scratch, morphing tedious tasks into a breeze. In this post, we’ll unveil some of these groundbreaking tools that are reshaping the landscape of video creation.

by AI Master

Repurposing with Ease: VideoAI

Stepping into the world of short video creation, repurposing existing videos is a splendid starting point. VideoAI is a stellar tool that morphs long videos into a series of short clips swiftly. With a straightforward interface, you paste the video URL, and within minutes, voila! You have a collection of short videos carved out from the original, each tagged with a virality score. The higher the score, the more viral potential it holds. VideoAI also offers basic editing features allowing you to tweak captions and layouts before exporting. The free version renders videos in 720p, which suffices for short videos.

Crafting Custom Beats: Beatoven AI

Music is the soul of a video. Yet, finding the perfect track can be a needle-in-a-haystack task. Beatoven AI emerges as a magnificent solution, enabling you to create music tailored to your needs. Choose from an array of genres, set the desired emotion, and let Beatoven AI compose your unique track. The process is simple, quick, and the results are remarkable. Moreover, you can seamlessly blend different emotions within a track, making your videos more engaging and relatable.

All-In-One Video Creation: InVideo AI

Now, if you desire to create videos from a mere textual description, InVideo AI is your go-to tool. This astonishing AI will generate a script, voice-over, and visuals, transforming your idea into a captivating video. The process involves a few steps where you choose the platform, target audience, and the look and feel of the video. In a matter of minutes, your video is ready for export. The free version offers videos in 1080p with watermarks, making it a handy tool for those striving to grow on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Script to Screen: Kapwing

Kapwing takes a unique approach by first aiding in script creation before transitioning to video generation. This tool is particularly handy when your topics are quirky or unconventional. Once the script is ready, Kapwing guides you through editing where you can customize subtitles, aspect ratio, and more. In the end, you receive a well-edited video with dynamic subtitles, ready to bewitch your audience.

Corporate Video Creation: Steven AI

For businesses and corporate ads, Steven AI stands out. It walks you through creating an animated video step by step. Although it requires a tad more time to master, the results are stylish and professional, making it ideal for business promotions.

The Future of Video Creation

The pace at which AI is evolving in the realm of video creation and editing is exhilarating. These tools are not only making video creation accessible but are also saving invaluable time and effort. As AI continues to advance, who knows, digital doubles might soon become the new norm. The future is brimming with possibilities, and these AI tools are just the tip of the iceberg.

Embrace the revolution, and let these AI tools propel your video content to new heights. Remember to stay tuned for more insights on AI trends by subscribing to our channel. Until next time, happy video creating!