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Hey there! 🚀 The diligent team at has been burning the midnight oil to bring you our game-changing Fact-Checking Tool, which is now in its exciting BETA stage. And guess what? We’ve got some intriguing results from our recent study to spill the beans on!

Here’s the Scoop on Our Findings:

  • We pitted 6 AI heavyweights in the fact-checking arena:, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, CodeLlama-34b, Llama-2-13b, and Llama-2-70b.
  • Our testing battleground? A dataset bursting with 120 fresh-off-the-oven facts (60 truths and 60 fibs).
  • Leading the pack,’s Fact-Checking Tool hit a stunning accuracy score of 72.3%! GPT-4 wasn’t too far behind, clinching the silver spot at 64.9%.
  • was the star player with a 0% “unknown” rate and a minimal error footprint, showcasing top-tier reliability.
  • When put to the ultimate test of sifting through AI-generated articles, outperformed both GPT-4 and Llama-70b in spotting those sneaky false facts.

Why Every Click Counts: The Significance of Fact-Checking

In our AI-driven digital era, a tide of AI-produced content is swamping the internet. But here’s the kicker: the credibility of this ocean of information is under siege by a phenomenon known as LLM Hallucinations. What’s that, you ask? “Hallucinations” are those bold-as-brass AI responses that seem to pop out of thin air, without any grounding in their training data. And ever since chatGPT burst onto the scene, these hallucinations have been sneaking into online content at an alarming rate. The fallout? A potential wildfire of misinformation, with profound impacts on society.

The Shield: Our Fact-Checking Tool to the Rescue

Crafted with Content Editors in mind, our Fact-Checking Tool is your trusty sidekick in the quest for truth. Its mission? To drastically slash the chances of these hallucinations creeping into your content.

What’s under the hood? A sleek user interface boasting reference sources and enlightening explanations. These gems help users decode the reasoning behind flags on their statements, steering them towards dependable, top-shelf sources. 👇

See our Fact- Checking Tool at work: 

Join Our Beta Brigade! 🌟

So far, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for 40 lucky beta users, and the list is growing every day! Fancy a slice of the beta action? If you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet, there’s still time to hop on board!

📌 Just a heads-up: Make sure to apply using the email tied to your account. 👇 

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