Dongfeng enters the compact EV segment with the Nammi 01

The Nammi 01 is set to gain market share for Dongfeng in the Chinese small car segment. With the new Nammi brand presented in August, the Chinese manufacturer is aiming for sales of 150,000 electric vehicles by 2024, rising to 400,000 units by 2025. Hopes are likely to be pinned primarily on the 01, because even if one or two new models per year are announced after the launch of the first representative, these are likely to contribute to sales with a time lag.

It is now known that the Nammi 01 will be powered by a 70 kW motor at the front and will be available in two LFP battery variants with 31.5 and 42.3 kWh capacity, which should enable ranges of 330 and 430 kilometres according to Chinese standards. Quick-charging processes should enable the vehicle to be recharged for 200 km in eight minutes, again under the Chinese test cycle.

The O1 measures 4.03 x 1.81 x 1.57 meters with a wheelbase of 2.66 meters. The maximum trunk capacity with the rear seats folded down is estimated at 945 litres. The body of the vehicle is compact, the design is rounded with concealed door handles and frameless front doors. The rims are available in 16 or 17 inches.

According to the manufacturer, the Nammi 01 is the first model to be based on the Dongfeng S3 platform. So far, there is no indication that the small electric car has fast-charging solid-state batteries, as reported by Chinese media in August.

State-owned carmaker Dongfeng presented the new brand in the summer as “China’s first car brand to focus on small electric vehicles”. Dongfeng is said to be targeting female customers in particular with the new brand.

Dongfeng already has several NEV subsidiaries (“New Energy Vehicle”, including battery-electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles) under its corporate umbrella, including Voyah, M Hero and eπ. According to Chen Hao, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng, Nammi will play an important role in achieving Dongfeng’s sales target of one million NEV units by 2025.

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