Grammys: AI-generated fake Drake win! Ah, no… The Weeknd track is ‘not eligible’

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. wants to clear the air, like a good ghostbuster! So, here's the scoop, folks: a recent report got the music industry buzzing about an AI-generated track that supposedly might have snagged a Grammy nomination. Can you believe it? Well, guess what? Mason said, "Hold your headphones, folks!" In an Instagram post that appeared faster than a DJ's beat drop, he made it abundantly clear that the song in question, "Heart on My Sleeve," is as eligible for a Grammy as a potato is for an Olympic race. Oh, snap!

Mason put on his CEO cape and proclaimed, "This track is not eligible for Grammy consideration!" Whoopsie daisy! Seems like the vocals weren't exactly on legal grounds, my friends. Those sneaky vocals didn't bother asking Drake or The Weeknd for permission. Uh-oh! And hey, it's not available for us normal folks to enjoy either. So, yeah, no Grammy love for this AI-driven ditty.

But hey, it ain't all gloom and doom in the land of music! Mason hinted that if the AI-generated track had played by the rules, received the nod from those important label folks, and charted its way through streaming services, the Grammys might've given it a thumbs-up. As the saying goes, "Get the consent, get the content!"

So, while AI is rocking the music boat and messing with our minds, it's clear that copyright concerns are giving everyone a headache. No more free rides, virtual musicians! The industry will require some serious tinkering to find harmony between AI creativity and legalities. Meanwhile, Ghostwriter, the maestro behind this AI adventure, has already cooked up another tune. This time, rappers Travis Scott and 21 Savage got the AI treatment. Can't wait to see how they react! Stay tuned, folks. The melody of AI music keeps playing, and the dance floor gets more crowded every day.

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