Grammys: And The Winner Is ChatGPT!

“AI Song ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ Shoots Its Shot for a Grammy… What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

So, there’s this AI-generated banger called “Heart on My Sleeve” that made waves earlier this year. And guess what? It’s now throwing its hat into the Grammy Awards ring. Hold onto your keyboards, folks!

The Recording Academy, however, has dropped the “AI bomb.” They say these digital tunes aren’t really Grammy material. But our mysterious maestro, Ghostwriter (not the spookiest pseudonym, we admit), isn’t taking no for an answer. They’ve decided to enter the song in the best rap song and song of the year categories, which are all about the songwriting, baby.

Now, the Academy is saying, “Well, okay, maybe we can bend the rules a bit.” They’re hinting that if the song’s mostly human-made, they might just consider it. So, Ghostwriter added their lyrical genius to the mix, leaving the singing and rapping to a clever AI that mimicked the voices of Drake and The Weeknd. That’s right; it’s a mashup of AI-generated talent.

Of course, not everyone’s clapping along. Universal Music Group, the label representing the real-deal artists, wasn’t thrilled. They slapped some copyright claims on the song to yank it off streaming platforms. But before that happened, “Heart on My Sleeve” blew up, scoring hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify and over 15 million on TikTok. Oopsie, Universal!

Now, Ghostwriter and their crew are trying to wine and dine the big shots in the music biz. According to The New York Times, they’re making moves to charm the Academy higher-ups. And guess what? They might just pull it off. Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. spilled the beans, saying, “As far as the creative side, it’s absolutely eligible because it was written by a human.” Well, that’s a plot twist we didn’t see coming.

But here’s the kicker: there’s a Grammy catch-22. To be Grammy-eligible, a song needs to be available through good ol’ brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers and streaming services across the good ol’ USA. Ghostwriter knows this, but we’re all scratching our heads wondering how they plan to tackle that hurdle. Maybe they’ll send USB sticks to everyone’s grandma? Who knows?

Anyway, this Grammy showdown could be the first of many battles over AI in the arts. People are buzzing with concerns. Some say AI systems are cheekily using copyrighted material to fuel their smarts and actors are on strike, fighting over fair pay for their digital doppelgangers. Oh, and the big debate? Can AI-generated stuff be considered true art? That’s a can of worms right there!

So, there you have it, folks. The AI music invasion is on, and it’s aiming for those golden gramophones. Let’s see if “Heart on My Sleeve” has what it takes to dance its way into Grammy glory! ???