ICPT and Solaris extend battery supply contract

ICPT announced the contract extension in a press release. During this period, the company will supply Solaris with the next-generation HE 100 system, which it says offers significantly higher energy density and performance while being considerably lighter and more compact. However, ICPT does not deliver details on this advancement in the brief statement.

ICPT reportedly manufactures battery systems at the GigafactoryX production facility in Poland. Solaris and ICPT have been working together since 2012, with Impact supplying its batteries not only for Solaris battery buses but also for hydrogen and trolleybuses. Since then, over 3,000 electric Solaris buses have been equipped with batteries by ICPT.

However, this only affects the ready-to-install battery systems, not the battery cells they contain. These are sourced from renowned manufacturers; since 2022, for example, there has been a supply agreement for LFP cells from CATL.

“We are proud that our innovative solutions have been recognised by such a demanding customer as Solaris, which sells its buses worldwide,” says Bartek Kras, Vice President of ICPT. According to the manager, ICPT can assemble up to six battery systems per hour in the GigafactoryX since the company contracted Teamtechnik to build an automated assembly line to produce batteries for buses, trams and trains at its facility in Poland.

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