Karma presents new luxury EV lineup

The Kaveya with butterfly doors comes in two versions – an all-wheel drive with “more than 1,000 horsepower” and a rear-wheel version with 536 horsepower. So far, there are no specs on the latter, which will hit the road in the fourth quarter of 2025.

The all-wheel drive comes with a battery with a capacity of 120 kWh. According to Karma, this “super coupe GT” has a range of “250-plus miles,” (402 kilometres) and it can sprint from zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Charging from ten to 80 per cent takes 45 minutes.

The vehicle measures 187.7 inches (.77 metres) in length, 78.8 inches (2 metres) in width, and has a height of 49.4 inches (1,25 metres). The wheelbase is 107 inches (2,72 metres), while the sports car has a curb weight of 5300 pounds (2,404 kilogramms)

“Karma has experienced its share of highs and lows during the past ten years. I’m intent on fulfilling Karma’s true potential,” says Karma President Marques McCammon, who joined the automaker in March. “I was tasked with remaking the company, and today is only the first step toward establishing Karma as a high image marque – America’s ultra-luxury vehicle.”

The carmaker also teased two other models at the event in Las Vegas. the Revero marks the “return of the brand’s signature range-extended hybrid electric touring sedan.” It will be available in Q3 of 2024 and has an 80-mile electric range.

The Gyesera will be the manufacturer’s “first full BEV touring sedan.” Here, too, Karma only gives little details. All that is known is that it will have a rear-wheel drive and an 11.6-inch infotainment screen. And that it will hit the road in Q4/2024.

“Karma has such amazing potential, which Marques is intent on pursuing at hyper-speed. Designing vehicles – especially high-end exotic vehicles – historically takes years,” says Vice President Global Design Michelle Christensen. “But thanks to high-tech collaboration tools, a newfound team alignment on all levels of the company, and Marques’s introduction of low volume production-techniques, it’s taken eight months to conceptualize three gorgeous low, long, fast representations of our new Karma identity, which are futuristic, yet beautifully timeless.”

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