Mercedes invests in charging in South Africa with Chargify

In South Africa, Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Chargify aims to expand the local charging network with over 120 AC and DC charging stations along main routes. These are to be located between metropolitan areas, including airports, shopping malls, restaurant hubs, private hospitals, strategic expansion sites, residential estates and small towns.

The South African branch of the German luxury carmaker said on LinkedIn that the initiative in collaboration with Chargify first involves the installation of 67 Mercedes-Benz EQ-branded charging stations across South Africa the first quarter of 2024. The second phase should see more than 60 charging stations added “in key areas”. No time frame had been given for phase two. Mercedes-Benz has said that all of its EQ customers will enjoy a 10% discount when they charge their vehicles via the Chargify network.

According to Mercedes-Benz South Africa, it is working with Chargify as both companies actively build South Africa’s “most extensive EV public charging network.” The company plans to foster relationships with sites across the country and establish professional partnerships. Chargify is contributing to the growth of this network, says Mercedes.

Mercedes will not be without competition for the title of “most extensive EV public charging network.” Just last month, the company Zero Carbon Charge (ZeroCC) revealed plans to build a network of ultra-fast charging stations at intervals of about 150 kilometres along strategic routes outside urban areas in all nine provinces of South Africa.,,

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