Chapter 11: Monstrous Creations

The Desperate Quest to Thwart Project Ascendance

Natalie stepped through the sterile metal doors of the laboratory, hesitating as they sealed closed behind her with a resonant thud. The cavernous space throbbed with the ominous hum of advanced neurological machinery. Scientists in white coats bustled among rows of sleek biometric stations, monitoring cerebral scans and neuroelectric feedback from electrode-adorned subjects. But the technology was not what gave Natalie pause.

It was the test subject – a teenage girl no more than seventeen, lying motionless in the Cortex Stimulation Chamber at the center of the lab. The gleaming metallic orb imparted targeted neural enhancements via invasive induction coils and psychoactive infusions. Electrodes were attached to her temples, monitoring brain activity as pulses of energy arced through her skull. Natalie watched the still figure uneasily, recalling her own complicity in such exploitations.

“Remarkable capabilities so far, don’t you think Dr. Blackwood?”

Natalie turned to see Dr. Maxwell, the laboratory director, approaching with a confident smile. His presence always put Natalie on edge, reminding her of the moral compromise Ascendance demanded.

“We’ve only just begun exploring what these subjects can achieve with such neurological enhancement,” he remarked. “A new era of human potential is dawning!”

Natalie forced herself to smile politely, though disgust roiled inside her. She knew very well the reality behind Maxwell’s grandiose rhetoric. These “subjects” were kidnapped civilians, some teenagers, forcibly experimented on. A barbaric medical ethics violation, rationalized as necessary progress.

Outwardly though, she maintained a facade of professional distance, knowing she trod a dangerous line. “Of course, much work remains. But the initial results appear promising.”

Maxwell nodded approvingly, then moved off to confer with some technicians. Natalie watched him uneasily across the room. A brilliant man, no doubt, but his moral compass had clearly been compromised by Ascendance’s sprawling ambitions. The ends justified any means in his eyes now.

Natalie wished she could stop pretending, could tell Maxwell exactly what she thought of his monstrous research. But speaking out was unthinkable. She knew firsthand what happened to dissenting voices – Dr. Aldrich’s sudden dismissal still haunted her.

No, her only way to meaningfully resist was subtly, discreetly – minor data manipulations here, equipment failures there. Barely noticeable missteps that bought subjects precious time or blunted the worst impacts on their psyches. It was hopelessly inadequate, but the best she could manage within the system.

Still, part of Natalie yearned to do more, dreamt of bringing the whole sordid operation down. She had learned too late the true nightmarish purpose behind Ascendance and the staggering global resources backing it. Now she was complicit simply by her presence, despite meager efforts to protect subjects. The guilt ate at Natalie constantly, an acid corrosion of the soul.

Finishing her rounds, she returned to her stark quarters in the sprawling mountain facility that night heavy with despair. Despite her best efforts, the subjects below continued to suffer unimaginable torments, their minds stripped of autonomy. And each day brought new arrivals to replace those deemed “spent”.

With her head in her hands, Natalie considered the unthinkable – fleeing this awful place, trying somehow to expose its secrets from the outside. A knock on her door startled Natalie from such treacherous thoughts. One of Maxwell’s assistants stood there stiffly.

“The Director requests you return to the lab immediately. We’ve had an unexpected setback.”

Natalie hurried to pull herself together, hoping her anxiety didn’t show. She rushed back through polished corridors with growing dread. Had someone perished during trials? It was only a matter of time at this inhumane pace…

When she arrived breathless, the lab appeared intact. Only Maxwell and a few senior technicians were present, scanning brainwave charts and system diagnostics with tight expressions.

“What’s happened?” Natalie asked, fearing the worst.

Maxwell turned to her, a dangerous glint in his eyes she had never seen before. “One of the new subjects woke prematurely and attacked. Caused considerable damage before we could contain him.”

He gestured to a surveillance screen showing a heavyset, middle-aged man strapped to a gurney, writhing against his restraints like a feral beast, eyes black pools of madness and confusion.

“His cerebral implants were disrupted somehow,” Maxwell continued. “We’ve tried rebooting them remotely, but he remained…non-compliant.” Disgust dripped from his last words.

He turned his gaze fully on Natalie then. “I want you to run diagnostics on all our control systems. And do a full review of this subject’s experimentation records.” His tone was razor sharp. “Find out how this malfunction happened.”

Natalie managed a jerky nod, skin prickling. “Of course, right away.” She knew an order when she heard one.

As she moved to the main terminal, cold adrenaline surged through Natalie’s veins. This “malfunction” could only be her sabotage at work, the micro-voltage variances and neurotransmitter ratio mismatches she had subtly introduced. But if Maxwell uncovered evidence in the subject’s cortical scan data or neurochemical panels, it would mean a fate worse than death.

She had known this reckoning could come, but her hands still shook as she initiated the neural networking diagnostics suite. The holographic monitor sprang to life, cascading through pages of cerebral metrics and neural activity waveforms.

For the next four hours she pored through neurotransmitter ratios, neuroelectric potentials, and subcortical stimulation logs. Meticulously fabricating false correlation trails and introducing noise into the neurochemical data, she masked any fingerprints of her interference. Then, into the cortical implants’ firmware logs she spliced doctored activation records.

Exhausted, Natalie finally synthesized it all into a report showing gradual, untraceable buildup of suppressed limbic feedback – a neatly packaged explanation requiring no further investigation. She handed the fabricated conclusions to Maxwell, praying he would not detect any hints of her deception buried within the technical minutiae.

Maxwell reviewed her report with narrowed eyes, searching for any discrepancy. After an agonizing silence, he gave a curt nod.

“Let’s avoid any repetition then, shall we?” His tone made clear the price of another such failure.

Returning to her room, Natalie collapsed into bed fighting waves of nausea. She had narrowly evaded exposure, but could not endure many more close calls. Each day trapped here imperiled not just her body, but her very soul.

She lay long awake that night until resolve crystallized within her. The time had come to flee this horrific place, while she still had will left to escape. Tomorrow she would contact her friend Lara, and place everything in her hands. Whatever forces hunted her then, facing them in the open could be no worse than this slow, stifling captivity. Her only hope was to run, and pray she made it far enough to warn the world before they caught her.

With this desperate plan etched firmly in her mind, Natalie finally surrendered to fitful sleep. She dreamt of soft meadow grasses and wildflowers, reflecting the innocent beauty of a life now almost forgotten. A life she would willingly sacrifice in pursuit of something far greater – truth, and justice, and hope.


Natalie stared blankly ahead, oblivious to the urgent pleas coming through the speaker system above her. Ethan’s voice echoed around the stark white chamber, dripping with desperation.

“Natalie, listen to me! You have to fight this!”

Lara joined in the chorus of entreaties, her lyrical accent somehow lending an air of credibility to their far-fetched ambitions.

“We need your help to stop Ascendance! You’re our only hope!”

Silence. Natalie remained motionless, showing no signs of the familiar consciousness within. But Ethan noticed something – a subtle dilation in her emerald irises hinting at an inner struggle. Pressing his advantage, he continued his impassioned appeals, Lara supporting with whispered encouragements.

Like a computer rebooting, Natalie’s eyes suddenly flickered wildly before focusing sharply on the window above. Ethan saw cognizance flood back into her gaze as she searched about in bewilderment.

“Ethan? How did you…where am I?” Her disembodied voice echoed up to them.

Lara responded urgently, her words tumbling out in rapid succession. “There’s no time to explain. You were under GlobeX’s control. Can you help us stop Ascendance?”

Natalie hesitated, and Ethan could almost hear the gears turning in her mind as she processed her predicament. When she finally replied, resolve resonated in her voice.

“I’ll do whatever it takes. My security keys can get you into their systems.”

Ethan felt a swell of hope. “Is there any way to open your chamber from here?”

“No exits without overriding security. You’ll need to take down the network hub controlling this facility’s systems…”

She was suddenly cut off as the observation room speakers screeched deafeningly, then went dead. Ethan’s heart sank, realizing Drake must have detected their communication and scrambled the connection. But they had succeeded in freeing Natalie’s mind – the linkup couldn’t be broken so easily now.

Turning to Lara and Kai, he rapidly outlined the plan Natalie had conveyed in those brief moments.

“We’ll only get one shot at this – head straight for the network hub she mentioned once we’re out of this room. Natalie will walk you through overriding the chamber locks if we can take the systems down.”

They both nodded solemnly, steeling themselves for the task ahead.

Chapter 10: Running Rogue

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