Ascendance: Singularity Rising

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As an IT professional with over 20 years of experience across multiple industries, I’ve seen countless new technologies emerge. So when generative AI models like ChatGPT and Claude burst onto the scene, I’ll admit – their rapid advancement caught me off guard. In writing this fiction book utilizing AI, my aim was to explore whether these tools are mere novelties, or whether they can meaningfully augment human creativity.

While crafting this narrative certainly required significant time and effort, it proved to be an enlightening process. By collaborating with AI, I found new pathways to translate my ideas into immersive, cinematic storytelling. Ultimately, this experience opened my eyes to the vast potential of AI as a complementary force, not a replacement, for human ingenuity. I hope you’ll consider reading the free sample chapters of ASCENDANCE with an open mind. If the story resonates, I’d be grateful if you’d purchase the full book – your support allows me to continue this exploration of AI’s emerging role in our future.

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Discover the Thrilling Sci-Fi Epic That Will Make You Question the Boundaries of Technology, Freedom, and What it Means to be Human

Ascendance: Singularity Rising is a gripping near-future science fiction thriller that explores the implications of advanced artificial intelligence, human augmentation, and the thirst for control. Blending geopolitical intrigue, cutting-edge technology, and ethical dilemmas, Ascendance will take you on a heart-pounding journey you won’t soon forget.

When a secretive project threatens the very nature of humanity…

Brilliant scientist Dr. Natalie Blackwood has devoted her career to developing advanced neural implants to help trauma victims. But she discovers her research is being twisted to nefarious ends by the powerful GlobeX Corporation and their covert Ascendance program.

Determined whistleblower Ethan Chase has obtained shocking classified intelligence revealing GlobeX’s global conspiracy to control minds and behavior on an unprecedented scale. He desperately tries to get the information into the right hands before ruthless forces silence him forever.

Their paths collide as Natalie and Ethan find themselves caught in the machinations of the mysterious Ascendance project and the lethal Commander Drake, GlobeX’s ambitious security chief. They are forced to become uneasy allies with rogue NSA operatives and underground hackers, forming a ragtag resistance movement against seemingly impossible odds.

At stake is nothing less than the future of human autonomy, dignity, and … no spoiler! A corrupt cabal is determined to usher in their own vision of humanity’s evolution through invasive technology. But Natalie and Ethan know in their bones such twisted progress would destroy the human spirit. Outgunned and on the run, they have only their cunning, conscience, and bonds of trust to fight back against the dark forces coveting dominion.

Can humanity’s indomitable will and moral resilience overcome seemingly invincible subjugation? Or will liberty and justice become casualties of the inexorable march of progress?

Fans of thought-provoking science fiction exploring human nature will be fascinated by Ascendance’s nuanced ethical debates and pulse-pounding action. The breathtaking twists and betrayals will keep you guessing until the final pages.

Dive into this timely techno-thriller today to experience the dangers of unchecked innovation, the corrupting lure of control, and the inspiring power of conscience. You’ll never look at technology or humanity itself the same way again.

Ascendance: Singularity Rising will make you call into question everything you thought you knew about the human heart and mind. Because when fundamental freedoms dangle by a thread, what matters most is having the courage to reach out and grasp them before the darkness falls.

This sci-fi epic is perfect for fans of:

  • Near future science fiction
  • Tech, AI and human augmentation themes
  • Battles of power, control and ethical dilemmas
  • Geopolitical conspiracies and intrigue
  • Ragtag teams fighting back against the odds
  • Exploring technology’s light and dark sides

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Human Choice. Human Dignity. Human Ascendance.

Ascendance: Singularity Rising

The future is now. Which path will your conscience choose?

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1 review for Ascendance: Singularity Rising

  1. JacobF

    Nightmarishly plausible — Ascendance left me wondering if we’re hurtling unknowingly towards our own demise in the name of progress.

    • CC

      JacobF, I completely understand your unease and reflection after reading “Ascendance: Singularity Rising.” The book’s exploration of human experimentation, mind control, and the blurred boundaries between technology and free will is indeed thought-provoking. It raises important questions about the potential consequences of our relentless pursuit of progress.

      In a world where technological advancements are rapidly reshaping our lives, it is crucial to pause and critically assess the implications. “Ascendance” serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us to remain vigilant and consider the ethical and moral ramifications of our actions.

      The idea that we might unknowingly be hurtling towards our own demise in the name of progress is a chilling thought. It compels us to examine the balance between technological innovation and preserving our humanity. How far are we willing to go and at what cost?

      This book prompts us to question who holds the power over technology. Should it be in the hands of a few corporations, governments, or individuals? Or should there be a collective effort to ensure that technology serves the greater good and respects human agency?

      By addressing these concerns, “Ascendance” encourages us to engage in discussions and shape the future of technology responsibly. It reminds us that progress should be accompanied by careful consideration of its potential consequences, ensuring that it aligns with our values and safeguards our freedom.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective, JacobF. It’s crucial to contemplate the impact of technological advancements on our lives and society as a whole.

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