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Q&A for advertisers!

Question: What are the best creative/banner automation tools in 2022? Answer: Creative automation tools have become an essential part of advertising, making the job easier and removing dependencies on designers. Check out this article on the top ten creative/banner automation tools for 2022 based on your specific needs:

Question: How can I test ads without spending money? Answer: You can use tools available in the market to test ads without spending any money on ad campaigns. One such tool is, which generates ad creatives with a unique ranking system that predicts which ad would perform well in advance. Learn more about ad testing tools in this article:

Question: How can I optimize Google Performance Max campaigns? Answer: Check out this video which explains simple ways to optimize your Google Performance Max campaigns:

Question: How do I set up Google Performance Max for lead generation? Answer: If you want to set up Google Performance Max for lead generation, check out this article for step-by-step instructions:

Question: Can I get free Google Ad Credits? Answer: Only 3% of companies in the world enjoy Google Premier Partner status, which offers certain perks like free Google Ad Credits. While most companies use these credits for themselves, some like share them with their customers. Learn how to get $500 of free Google Ad Credits in this article:

Question: What are the best-performing ad creative/banner ad sizes? Answer: The performance of banner ad sizes depends on the platform. Check out this article to learn about the platform-specific banner sizes that perform well:

Question: How will ads change with cookieless marketing? Answer: Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role in building precise prediction models that can improve ad recommendations, customer segmentation, report consumer analytics, while protecting consumer privacy and maintaining their trust. According to Salesforce, 95% of interaction between brands and consumers will be via AI by 2025.

Question: What are some smart ways to test ads? Answer: Learn about the smart ways to test your ads in this article:

Question: What is creative automation, and is it any good? Answer: Creative automation tools can help scale your business quickly. Check out this insightful article that gives you ten reasons to use creative automation:

Question: When was started, and where is it based? Answer: was launched in 2021 by a team of 30 people globally with a shared vision to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to the market through extensive research and development. It is a startup based in Paris and recognized as an innovation company by the French government.

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