Revolutionary Chatbot Integration: Amazfit Smartwatches Get a Boost from OpenAI’s ChatGPT!

If you are a fan of smartwatches and conversational AI, you might be interested in the latest news from Amazfit. The company has announced that its smartwatches will get a taste of ChatGPT, a chatbot based on artificial intelligence and machine learning developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a prototype of a chatbot that specializes in conversing with a human user. It is a large language model that has been fine-tuned with techniques of unsupervised, supervised and reinforcement learning, and that has been developed to be used as a basis for creating other machine learning models.

Zepp OS is the operating system that powers Amazfit smartwatches. It is based on the open source code of FreeRTOS but has a size of just 55 MB, about 1/10 compared to the current Amazfit OS. It is compatible with low-consumption and high-performance chips and can support both a few KB of RAM and higher quantities.

The integration between ChatGPT and Zepp OS will allow smartwatch users to interact with their devices using natural language. They will be able to ask questions, get information, set reminders, control other smart devices and more. The chatbot will also learn from the user’s preferences and habits, providing personalized suggestions and feedback.

The integration will be available for some models of Amazfit smartwatches, such as GTR 3 Pro, GTS 3 Pro and Bip U Pro. Users will need to update their devices to the latest version of Zepp OS and download the ChatGPT app from the Zepp Store. They will also need an internet connection to use the chatbot feature.

This integration is an example of how conversational AI can enhance the user experience of wearable devices. It also shows how Amazfit is committed to creating an ecosystem dedicated to fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people. The company plans to add more features and functions to its smartwatches in the future, such as voice assistant, health monitoring, sports tracking and more.

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