Robotics and AI: This course explores the integration of AI and robotics, including topics such as motion planning, control systems, and swarm robotics.

Robotics and AI is the field that focuses on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. This course will explore the integration of AI and robotics, including topics such as motion planning, control systems, and swarm robotics.

Motion Planning: Motion planning is the process of determining a safe and efficient path for a robot to follow. It is a crucial aspect of robotics, and it involves considering factors such as the robot’s kinematics, the environment, and any constraints or obstacles. Motion planning algorithms use techniques such as sampling-based methods, optimization-based methods, and graph-based methods to find a feasible path for the robot to follow.

Control Systems: Control systems are used to control the motion of robots. The goal of control systems is to ensure that the robot’s motion follows a desired trajectory. Control systems use feedback from sensors to adjust the robot’s motion in real-time. There are different types of control systems, such as open-loop control systems, closed-loop control systems, and hybrid control systems.

Swarm Robotics: Swarm robotics is a field of robotics that focuses on the coordination of large numbers of simple robots. The robots in a swarm can work together to accomplish a task that would be difficult for a single robot to accomplish alone. Swarm robotics algorithms use techniques such as consensus algorithms, flocking algorithms, and formation control algorithms to coordinate the motion of the robots in the swarm.

Applications of Robotics and AI: Robotics and AI are used in various domains such as:

  • Self-driving cars: perception, decision-making, and control
  • Industrial automation: manufacturing, assembly, and inspection
  • Healthcare: surgery, rehabilitation, and telemedicine
  • Space exploration: planetary rovers and autonomous spacecraft
  • Agriculture: precision farming and crop monitoring

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of motion planning, control systems, and swarm robotics. They will also explore various applications of Robotics and AI in different fields and have the opportunity to work on a hands-on project to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world problem.

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