SAIC-GM partners with Tesla in China

From the end of 2023, the Chinese joint venture between SAIC and General Motors will enable owners of all-electric Cadillac and Buick models based on the GM Ultium platform to search for and access Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers in China via its apps – at least those that are enabled for third-party brands.

So far, there are ten Superchargers and over 200 Destination Chargers, but this number is set to increase in the future. According to the SAIC General Motors press release, Tesla has more than 1,800 Supercharger locations in mainland China, with over 11,000 stations and more than 2,000 Destination Chargers at over 700 locations.

SAIC-GM is also building its own charging network in China. So far, it comprises “52 self-branded charging stations, with a total of 246 charging terminals.” In addition, the car manufacturer says it is partnering with other charging point operators, giving its customers access to more than 500,000 charging stations in 320 cities throughout China.

In June, General Motors entered a charging infrastructure partnership with Tesla for North America. From 2025, new GM electric vehicles will have Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS). GM was the second car manufacturer (after Ford) to announce such a partnership for North America. Since then, one manufacturer after another has followed suit. (in Chinese),

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