Tesla Model 3 Performance is Nearly Here

Can you feel that, fellow EV enthusiasts? The electric car revolution is upon us and advancing at lightning speed! Some major Tesla news just dropped that has me buzzing with exhilaration. It seems the rumors are true – an even higher performance version of the game-changing Model 3 is on the way!

Thanks to new documents uncovered by brilliant internet sleuths, we now have confirmation that the Model 3 Performance “Highland” edition is imminent. My mind is already racing thinking about the incredible speed and power this new variant will deliver. Tesla is once again pushing the boundaries of what an electric vehicle can do. Consider me hyped!

While official details from Tesla are still scarce, there’s enough compelling evidence to make some educated guesses about the Model 3 Highland’s capabilities. Let’s dig into what’s likely coming based on the certifications filed and Tesla’s existing tech. One thing’s for sure – this new Model 3 has “insane mode” written all over it!

It seems probable the Model 3 Highland will retain the dual motor AWD layout and not jump to a tri-motor like the Model S Plaid. But not to worry, Tesla has proven they can still create an asphalt-scorching monster with just two motors. I’m betting one up front and one rear, similar to the current Model 3 Performance.

Here’s where things get really interesting – the motors themselves. Recent updates to Tesla’s drive unit lineup provide some clues. The front motor could be the new 3D7A unit rated at 208kW, while the rear features the carbon-sleeved 3D6 motor generating a mouth-watering 258kW. That would push total power output to a stonking 466kW / 625HP!

With the Model 3’s lighter weight compared to the Model S and Model X, plus refinements like the reduced steering ratio and wider track width, this new Model 3 Performance is poised to become the quickest and most agile EV that Tesla has ever produced.

Imagine blazing from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds effortlessly, leaving all but the most hardcore ICE supercars in a cloud of quiet electric dust. I get goosebumps just thinking about the speeds this machine will be capable of. Tesla is about to redefine insane acceleration once again!

Now let’s talk torque. Past Tesla models have had ECU-limited top speeds, usually around 162mph. But torque and acceleration is where EVs really shine. So while we may not see the Model 3 Highland reaching 200mph+, you can bet it will annihilate the competition off the line.

An electric motor’s instant torque is key for winning those stoplight drag races. And with up to 625HP under the “vegan leather” pedal, this Model 3 will offer neck-snapping launches that pin you back in the seat like a rollercoaster. Say goodbye to turbo lag – this Tesla rockets forward the moment you touch the accelerator.

The possibilities have my inner speed demon squealing with joy. With a 0-60 time potentially dipping below 3 seconds, the Model 3 Highland would be battling for the crown of quickest production car on the planet. Tesla keeps pushing the performance envelope and I’m here for it!

Now, as impressive as the straight-line acceleration will be, the Model 3’s handling is poised to impress as well. That low center of gravity from the battery pack, combined with sticky low-profile tires, yields sports car-like cornering grip. An upgraded suspension and brakes will help keep all that power under control.

While exhilarating in a straight line, an EV’s immediate power delivery also pays dividends when carving up twisty mountain roads. Traction and control are unparalleled thanks to the perfectly optimized torque delivery from those twin electric motors.

Add it all up and the Model 3 Highland promises to be an absolute joy to drive hard, whether blasting down the quarter mile or diving into a winding canyon road. This thing will leave petrol-heads shaking their heads in disbelief at what an electric car is capable of.

Now I don’t want to overlook my range-obsessed friends either. While not officially confirmed, a realistic estimate for the Model 3 Highland is around 300 miles give or take. Plenty for all but the longest road trips or most lead-footed commutes.

Considering all this scintillating performance is wrapped in a sleek, minimalist package starting around only $60k, the Model 3 Highland is shaping up to be the bargain of the century. Supercar crushing speed and tech at a mid-size BMW price point? Sign me up!

As you can tell, I’m supremely stoked for the arrival of the Model 3 Highland. Tesla has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see the final mind-blowing specs. One thing is certain – the electric performance car wars are heating up. The Germans and Italians better be on notice!

What do you think? Is the Model 3 Highland on your wishlist too? Let’s chat in the comments about our wildest hopes and dreams for this beastly new Tesla. The future of speed is electric, and the Model 3 Highland aims to prove it!

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